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‘Silent Grief - Certain Hope’

Few of us escape the experience of loss in our lives.

Grief is experienced at different intensities in response to these losses and requires appropriate comfort throughout our journey.

Sadly, many people in our culture carry their grief alone and silently living life from a base of ‘broken-heartedness’. This can mean that life becomes too difficult, hopelessness prevails and colours everything they do.

I once wrote in my journal, “I get to a place where my broken-heartedness rises too close to the surface and the hopelessness and frustration of it brings me grief too hard to stay hidden.” Within my own deep grief lay a fear that perhaps I would never really recover from this, that perhaps I would not be strong enough to rise above this circumstance, that it would affect the rest of my life in a negative, damaging way.

Later, I pictured a rough-hewn stone altar with a broken heart lying on it. I recognised that this broken heart was actually resting on the rock-solid altar of God’s loving faithfulness, protected and safe from further violation. It showed me that we can choose to leave the weight of grief on the altar where it can stay in place until healing is complete.

Writing things down often helps me to clarify the situation I am facing and alleviate the anxiety and fear surrounding the issue. By expressing my feelings and looking for godly solutions, I have been comforted and strengthened in daily life and enabled to face my grief and fear in a healing way.

Some of my writing expresses my own feelings of grief; some describes the pain of others; most contains some hope of consolation and comfort in times of distress.

My hope is that readers also will be comforted and encouraged as they walk through the dark places of life, that their loneliness might be lessened and that they will receive strength to continue walking in spite of the blows that life can inflict upon us.

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“Your poems have kept me through this dreary fog every day. They are precious and profoundly healing. Your book is full of love and compassion. I can’t wait to share it.”

Lil, USA

“Thank you. This was exactly what I needed to read today. I felt so much like ‘The Girl with a Broken Heart’ I will read them time and time again.”

Joan, Australia.

“The poems are powerful and profound carrying insights that touched me in a deep and hope-filled way. I found myself in many of the poems.”

Michael, Switzerland.


Author Elaine Stanfield

Author Elaine Stanfield

Author Elaine Stanfield

About the Author

Elaine was born in Manchester, England. She lived there until her early twenties, completing her schooling and nurses’ training. She married at twenty three and started her family soon after, one daughter and four sons.

Early in the marriage, she and her husband decided to move to Mauritius, a courageous move for a couple with a small child. Their next overseas destination was Mexico, followed by Guatemala, before moving to Australia in the late 70’s.

Not only did this lead to an international brood of children (2 English, 1 Mauritian and 2 Mexicans) but it opened Elaine to friendships around the globe, many of which she has maintained to this day. It also gave her opportunities to develop her leadership skills, including starting a women’s conference, youth groups and involvement in community support groups. Rich and varied personal connections have given Elaine insight into the individual, personal human journey each of us experiences.

Her writings emerged as she herself faced dark times in her life. Initially written as private thoughts and feelings, she found that as she shared them with those around her a common thread of humanity and hope became evident. It was the encouragement of others touched by her writing that led Elaine to contemplate the possibility of publishing.

Elaine currently lives on Tamborine Mountain, Queensland where she leads a very busy life entertaining visitors to her cottage, enjoying grandchildren, gardening and participating in the rich social and cultural life around her.

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