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“Along the Way - ‘I will help you’ says the Lord.”
Words of Encouragement and Comfort

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‘Along the Way’ is a collection of thoughts, prayers and poems from Elaine Stanfield’s personal journal. Elaine writes with openness and sensitivity of her journey through disaster, disappointment and bereavement. She describes the way God’s love and the love of those around her sustained and encouraged her through the dark winter seasons of her life, always with a promise of springtime up ahead.

Elaine’s rich and varied life experiences, often joyous, sometimes bitterly painful, have given her insight on how to navigate the storms of life. Her reflections on the suicide of a loved one are deeply personal and deeply moving and offer hope and encouragement to those travelling the same path.

This beautiful little book is lifeward and hope filled, refreshing the reader with its tenderness, wisdom and joyful optimism.


‘Along the Way’ beautifully compiled by Elaine Stanfield, is a selection of her writings recorded over many years of her lifetime.

As you read through this collection, be prepared for many poignant moments that will resonate with your individual journey along the way of life.

Elaine’s reflections are thought provoking, piercing and real. I particularly acknowledge her honesty in writing, not avoiding the rawness of her own emotions along life’s way.

I have known Elaine for a considerable number of years. She attests wholeheartedly to the biblical truth that Jesus is “the way, the truth and the life.” John 14:6

There are many twisting pathways along the way of life. Elaine has trodden through some challenges including disappointment, grief and pain, exposing fragility and vulnerability. Continued in book

Foreword by Lynne Brown-Kenyon.

Reflections On
‘Along the Way’

“Elaine writes from her heart experience, from her faith in the Lord and from real compassion for those of us who need to know that we are not alone in our grief and trials of life. Her words have given me encouragement.”

“Written from the heart, thank you for these wonderful words of encouragement.”

“Thanks Elaine for the reminders that our God is with his children every moment, that everyday experiences are not merely coincidences but events in his control as he watches over us protecting, caring and guiding.”

“Elaine has a powerful ability to make words dance and come alive so that they are felt.”

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‘Silent Grief - Certain Hope’

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Elaine‘s other book: ‘Silent Grief - Certain Hope’

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